Shifter Country Bears

Things are different in Shifter Country.

SCB Bundle Cover 200x300

Bear shifters don’t mate in pairs – they mate in triads, with two men for every woman. These shifter couples only need one thing to be complete – their fated mate.

First are Ash and Hunter, who fall hard for the beautiful, curvy Cora – only to find out that she’s on the run, and it might be up to them to save her.

When Julius and Hudson meet Quinn, they’re smitten instantly, and she can’t stop thinking about the sexy lawyer and his ex-con mate. Too bad her parents are rabid anti-shifter activists, and they’ll stop atnothing to keep them away from her.

Kade and Daniel live alone, deep in the woods, and they spend most of their time as bears – the better to keep their dark pasts hidden. That is, until they meet Charlotte, the human girl who melts their hearts… and who has a mission of her own.

It’s been years since Jasper and Craig met their mate, only to never see her again. When she shows up suddenly in town, they both know they’ll do anything to make her theirs for good, no matter what it takes.

And finally… Austin has a secret. A huge, life-altering, toe-curling secret.

This bundle contains all five Shifter Country Bears novellas: A Bear’s Protection, A Bear’s Nemesis, A Bear’s Mercy, A Bear’s Journey, and A Bear’s Secret.

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